5 Amazing Trips You Can Take In 2 Hours From Budapest

One of the greatest advantages of Europe is that you can get almost everywhere inside the continent by travelling only a few hours. We understand that as a student you don’t always have the time and money for long journeys so in this article we’ll cover the 5 most fascinating travel destinations that you can reach in only 2 hours from Budapest.


#1 Vienna

Whether you want to know more about the historic architecture of Austria or just have a nice weekend with your friends, Vienna is the best choice. Take a walk in the historic city center, the heart of Vienna where you can find the world-famous Christmas Market from November to December, spend some time with your friends in one of Vienna’s well-known coffee houses or visit the stunning Schönbrunn Palace. If you’re looking for some fun head to the capital’s famous amusement park, the Prater or visit the Vienna Zoo, which is the oldest one in the world.


Wien, Ringstrasse, Rathaus, Adventzauber

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#2 Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful city in Europe. Prague is called “the city of hundred spirals” because of its amazing skyline that you can capture from the Prague Castle. Walk across Prague’s symbol, the Charles Bridge and visit the old town center. If you’re there don’t miss the bars and try one of the country’s local beers, you won’t regret it! Another great program: find the astonishing sculptures of the Czech artist, David Cerny. You won’t believe your eyes.



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#3 Rome

You probably heard a lot about Rome’s beauty and its special atmosphere. Imagine you are rambling in the alleys of the city, seeing all the monuments and memories of the ancient world and getting know the famous Italian lifestyle. Italy is well-known for its cuisine as well so don’t forget to try the traditional pizza or pastas and have a glass of Italian wine with it. If you’ve seen every attraction, go to the beach and swim in the sea or try out kitesurfing.



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#4 Brussels

Like every European city Brussels is rich in historical monuments and buildings as well. The most famous attraction of the capital of Belgium is the Grand Place, the central square of the city. If you go there in August you might be lucky enough to see the square fully covered with flowers, which is the most impressive attraction among tourists. Discover the beautiful parks in Brussels as well and to learn something about the Belgian gastronomy, eat waffles and drink world-famous Belgian beer.



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#5 Berlin

Discover one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Visit the historical buildings in Berlin like the Reichstag or the Brandenburg Gate then take a look at the Memorial of the Berlin Wall and the famous Holocaust Memorial. After the historical attractions discover Berlin’s modern face following the artworks of the world-famous street artist, Banksy or try out a live escape game, which is the newest trend in Europe. Don’t forget to go to the Berlin TV tower, the highest tower in Europe and let the city lying under your feet fascinate you.



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